Compliant Ultra Accessible PDFs starting from                8€ per page (depending on volume)

Affordable Accessible PDF or Ultra Accessible PDF


E-accessible Pdf
A price which is as accessible as the processed documents are

 There is a wide complexity of documents in the world. Complexity means budget flexibility. Some pages are just paragraphs of text generated from a Word document, others are complex graphic documents, including graphs or diagrams, scientific equations or advanced computer graphics. In the same way, the cost of the accessibility process also depends on the nature and quality of the source file. Does the physical structure of the document originate from a well-structured Adobe source file or only from scanned pages ? This issue will completely change the coding methodology applied and therefore the budget.

Therefore, we always ask you to provide us with the document before providing a quote. Nevertheless, since we have developed an automated tagging process, our prices are at the lower end of the market, while providing files of the highest compliance to the regulatory standards.

How do we handle the
processing of your document?

We classify the documents into 3 categories (simple, average, difficult) based on the analysis of your document:

From the length of the document and its complexity, we give a pricing and a production time. Each page of a PDF is different, and it is important that we analyze your document to offer you the right price to pay.

Our commitment is the best price, an accessibility that meets the standards and a guaranteed production deadline.



Send us your content (PDF, Word, PPT) by email, via Wetransfer or any other secure cloud data transfer service.


We send you an acknowledgment of receipt. Then we analyze your document and we provide you with a fixed and lead time quote prior to any further action.


You give us your approval via a purchase order and we convert the content into an UA accessible format after undergoing all required compliance tests.



We transfer you the accessible version for publication with its accessibility report.