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We work with organizations around the world, all different but with common goals and challenges in document accessibility. Our clients come from governments, public services, local authorities, parastatals, publishers, universities and educational institutions, hospitals, companies and listed companies, associations. We help organizations comply with the Disability Education Act (IDEA), ISO 14289-1: 2012 standard, also known as Universal Accessibility (PDF / UA), and the European Accessibility Directive on websites and mobile applications of the public sector organizations dating 26th of October 2016. 

We help more than 200 clients meet their document accessibility requirements and the needs of the following sectors:

Health and Insurance

Accessibility of invoices, insurance contracts, subscription forms, evaluation documents …


Accessibility of brochures, user manuals, white papers, training materials.


Accessibility to books, Epubs, teaching


Accessibility of official documents, report programs, services and various publications

Financial documentss

Accessible documents for all annual reports, reference documents, financial news releases

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