Future Principal Character Issue. Michael’s issue of the Foreseeable future is that, from the beginning of the story, he does not know what to do with the rest of his lifetime. He has competing visions of his very own future which have to be sorted out: a single is a long run with his girlfriend Kaye who will not tolerate a life of criminal offense, and the other is a long run as the head of his family’s prison empire. Michael’s concern is to see which Michael wins out. Choice Most important Character Difficulty. Michael is continuously confronted with selections relating to his foreseeable future, nonetheless he thinks he can hold off the final decision of identifying what that long run will be (either a upcoming of criminal offense or a “civilian” potential with Kaye).

When the “Turk” demands to be killed, Mike chooses to be the assassin, when get requirements to be restored to the New York criminal offense scene, Mike chooses to eradicate the persons threatening that order. Michael is the rational alternative to develop into the new “Godfather. ” Nonetheless, he is not conscious that these alternatives have taken absent his energy to put off pinpointing no matter if or not to be the future “Godfather. “Delay Key Character Counterpoint. Main Character Thematic Conflict Alternative vs. Hold off. Feeling Primary Character Issue. Michael’s thoughts are the supply of his troubles.

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His mixed emotions about his relatives allow for him to develop into associated in their legal action even as he claims Kaye he will never ever do so. Michael’s inner thoughts are what make him susceptible, as demonstrated in Sicily when his appreciate for Appollonia potential customers to her dying by a bomb intended for him.

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Feelings are what stand amongst Michael and his destiny as the subsequent “Godfather. “Logic Principal Character Remedy. Michael finds that he is the sensible successor to maintaining the Corleone family on major amid the family members. Relatively than being driven by his feelings of distaste for the academized writing service Mafia, he gets to be pushed by the logic which will protect what his father’s Mafia exercise has made. Temptation Key Character Symptom. Michael’s focus is targeted on temptation, believing it to be his problem. For illustration, the temptation to be part of in the spouse and children business. Conscience Major Character Reaction. Michael’s endeavours toward conscience commence when he protests to Kaye that the Mafia business belongs to his spouse and children, not to him. Michael also forgoes his status as a “civilian” to be the a single to murder the “Turk” for his spouse and children.

He is the voice of conscience for Fredo, for Carlos, and for any one who would choose sides “from the household. “Preconception Main Character Exceptional Means. Other people’s preconceptions about Michael allow him to be powerful. His preconceived position as a “civilian” makes it possible for him to surprise and murder the “Turk. ” Preconceptions about his qualities as a new Don guide Tessio and Barzini to undervalue him and idea their hand creating it possible to do away with them during his godson’s christening. Kaye’s preconceptions about Michael’s morality allow for him to lie to her correctly and influence her he is not a killer. Closure Primary Character Vital Flaw. Ending his everyday living as a “civilian” by getting to be the new Godfather aids in the hard work to achieve the Aim Story intention, on the other hand, it undermines Michael’s endeavours to resolve his personal angst. Progress Main Character Benchmark. The more Michael adopts the manners of the heir obvious to his father’s electricity, the more challenging it will be for him to refuse his inheritance.

By the end of the story, he has manufactured way too much progress as the new Don to go back to his civilian approaches, acquiring at last grow to be a accurate “Godfather. “Additional Most important Character Information →Michael begins the story as a young man who has just returned from the war to an uncertain potential. He does not want to abide by in his family’s footsteps, nevertheless he can not overlook his emotions of determination to them or his normal skill to acquire up the family members mantle.